Week 1 quiz | statistics for behavioral sciences

For statistical purposes, it usually is not important to differentiate between which two scales of measurement?

Question 1 options:

A. Nominal and ordinal 

B. Ordinal and interval

C. Interval and ratio

D. Nominal and interval 

Question 2 (1 point)

A recent study reports that students who just finished playing a prosocial video game were more likely to help others than students who had played a neutral or antisocial game. For this study, what is the independent variable?

Question 2 options:

A. The students who were given the prosocial game

B. The students who were given the neutral or antisocial game

C. The kind of game given to the students

D. The helping behavior of the students

Question 3 (1 point)

After measuring two individuals, a researcher can say that Tom’s score is 4 points higher than Bill’s. The measurements must come from a(n) _______ scale.

Question 3 options:

A. nominal

B. ordinal

C. interval

D. interval or ratio

Question 4 (1 point)

The goal for an experiment is to demonstrate that changes in one variable are responsible for causing changes in a second variable.

Question 4 options:True or False

Question 5 (1 point)

Using the election results from a sample of n = 100 voters to predict the results for the entire state is an example of inferential statistics.

Question 5 options:True or False

Question 6 (1 point)

What additional information is obtained by measuring two individuals on an ordinal scale compared to a nominal scale?

Question 6 options:

A. Whether the measurements are the same or different 

B. The direction of the difference

C. The size of the difference

D. None of the other options is correct

Question 7 (1 point)

The average verbal SAT score for the entire class of entering freshmen is 530. However, if you select a sample of 20 freshmen and compute their average verbal SAT score you probably will not get exactly 530. What statistical concept is used to explain the natural difference that exists between a sample mean and the corresponding population mean?

Question 7 options:

A. Statistical error 

B. Inferential error 

C. Sampling error

D. Parametric error

Question 8 (1 point)

A characteristic, usually a numerical value, which describes a sample is called a _______.

Question 8 options:

A. parameter

B. statistic

C. variable

D. constant

Question 9 (1 point)

For statistical purposes, there usually is not much reason to differentiate between interval and ratio scales. 

Question 9 options:True or False

Question 10 (1 point)

A data set is described as consisting of n = 15 scores. Based on the notation being used, the data set is a sample. 

Question 10 options:True or False

Question 11 (1 point)

For an experiment comparing two methods of teaching social skills training to autistic children, the independent variable is _______ and the dependent variable is _______.

Question 11 options:

A. teaching methods; the autistic children

B. the autistic children; the social skills that are learned

C. the social skills that are learned; the autistic children 

D. teaching methods; the social skills that are learned

Question 12 (1 point)

A recent study found a correlation between gum disease and heart disease. This result indicates that gum disease causes people to develop heart disease.

Question 12 options:True or False

Question 13 (1 point)

Although a research study is typically conducted with a relatively small group of participants known as a _________, most researchers hope to generalize their results to a much larger group known as a  _________.

Question 13 options:

A. sample; population

B. statistic; sample

C. population; sample

D. parameter; population

Question 14 (1 point)

A correlational study is used to examine the relationship between two variables but cannot determine whether it is a cause-and-effect relationship. 

Question 14 options:True or False

Question 15 (1 point)

A researcher conducts an experiment to determine whether moderate doses of St. Johns Wort have any effect of memory for college students. For this study, what is the independent variable?

Question 15 options:

A. The amount of St. Johns Wort given to each participant

B. The memory score for each participant

C. The group of college students

D. Cannot answer without more information

Question 16 (1 point)

A high school gym teacher records how much time each student requires to complete a one-mile run. This is an example of measuring a continuous variable. 

Question 16 options:True or False

Question 17 (1 point)

Students in an introductory art class are classified as art majors and non-art majors. What scale of measurement is being used to classify the students?

Question 17 options:

A. Nominal

B. Ordinal

C. Interval 

D. Ratio

Question 18 (1 point)

A researcher uses an anonymous survey to investigate the television-viewing habits of American adolescents. Based on the set of 356 surveys that were completed and returned, the researcher finds that these students spend an average of 3.1 hours each day watching television. For this study, the set of 356 students who returned surveys is an example of a _______.

Question 18 options:

A. parameter

B. statistic

C. population

D. sample

Question 19 (1 point)

In an experimental study,

Question 19 options:

A. 1 variable is measured and 2 groups are compared.

B. 2 variables are measured and 2 groups are compared.

C. 1 variable is measured and there is only 1 group of participants.

D. 2 variables are measured and there is only 1 group of participants. 

Question 20 (1 point)

A researcher uses an anonymous survey to investigate the television-viewing habits of American adolescents. The entire group of American adolescents is an example of a _________.

Question 20 options:

A. sample

B. statistic

C. population

D. parameter

Question 21 (1 point)

Organizing a set of scores in a table is an example of using _______.

Question 21 options:

A. parameters

B. statistics

C. descriptive statistics

D. inferential statistics

Question 22 (1 point)

A researcher uses an anonymous survey to investigate the television-viewing habits of American adolescents. The goal of the research is to determine the average number of hours each day that American adolescents spend watching television. The researcher is trying to determine a number that is an example of a _____.

Question 22 options:

A. parameter

B. statistic

C. population 

D. sample

Question 23 (1 point)

What scale of measurement is being used when a teacher measures the number of correct answers on a quiz for each student?

Question 23 options:

A. Nominal 

B. Ordinal

C. Interval

D. Ratio

Question 24 (1 point)

A researcher is interested in the average income for registered voters in the United States. The entire group of registered voters is an example of a population. 

Question 24 options:True or False

Question 25 (1 point)

Which of the following is an example of a continuous variable?

Question 25 options:

A. The gender of each student in a psychology class

B. The number of males in each class offered by the college

C. The amount of time to solve a problem

D. The number of children in a family

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